• Finest Personal Protection Dogs available!
  • Levels of Protection: Executive Protection, Elite Family Guardian, Elite Family & Estate Security Dog
  • Breeds: Belgian Malinois & German Shepherds, Rotweilers. Finest European Bloodlines! Other breeds available upon request.
  • Dogs are individually selected to suit your particular needs and delivered right to your door!
  • Call (914) 719-7767 or
  • E-mail us at SelfDefensePT@gmail.com for additional information.

* The Belgian Malinois has fast become the #1 choice for Personal Protection and Law Enforcement duties. The breed is highly intelligent and incredibly athletic. Highly intelligent dogs can sometimes be handler aggressive, meaning they sometimes do not like correction. While this is acceptable to Law Enforcement agencies it is not acceptable to us or to our clients. Rest assured no dog sold to you by us will exhibit such behavior. Any that do are culled from the program beforehand and sold to Law Enforcement or the Military, not private individuals. The sole purpose of this video is to simply demonstrate the speed and tenacity of the breed should your dog ever be called upon to protect you and or your family.


Our Dogs are affectionate, loving companions with impeccable manners and are trained to respond to your commands off leash, the first time, regardless of the situation. As loving and affectionate as they may be, rest assured that when called upon to protect you and your family, they have the ability and the skills necessary to do the job.


When considering a fully trained dog there are a few choices that need to be made. First, which breed should you select? For the majority of our clients the dog will either be a German Shepherd or a Belgian Malinois. However, other breeds such as the Rotweiler, Doberman, Boxer, Dutch Shepherd and the Giant Schnauzer are also available. We can help you in selecting the appropriate breed once we have assessed your needs after reviewing your answers to our rather extensive client questionnaire.


Once the choice of breed has been made the next thing to consider is the caliber of the dog you require. We offer dogs trained to various levels of skill and again will make recommendations in this area based on our assessment of your situation and needs. “Custom Training” for clients with special needs is also available. The purchase price of your dog also includes delivery by two handlers as well as 2-3 days training for you provided by the handlers.

* Please feel free to contact us at selfdefensept@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our dogs and our training program.