” With my schedule I need an intense, total body workout that I can do on my lunch hour and Frank’s Kickboxing Class really fits the bill. It is as grueling as it is rewarding. I finish drenched.”
- Scott G. Pearl River, NY

"I’ve been in Law Enforcement for over 10 years including 5 in the South Bronx with the NYPD. During that time I was in more than my share of life and death struggles. Frank’s training carried me through each time and allowed me to return home safely to my family. "
-P.O. John Citta, Rye Brook, NY

"I had studied Karate for six years and wanted to take my Black Belt test. I was moving abroad in four months and only had one shot at it so I contacted Frank. I knew I would never be able to survive 12 three minute rounds fighting three different opponents in rotation, unless I was in top condition. Frank worked tirelessly with me not only on conditioning, but on the defensive skills and tactics I would need to survive the later rounds. Thanks to Frank I was at my zenith on test day and earned the cherished rank of Black Belt."
- John Tokar, Yonkers NY

"At 32, I decided to try out for the PBA Boxing Team. I was an avid weight lifter and thought that would carry me through. Frank suggested that we spar first before I tried out and got hurt. After less than a minute, I was completely exhausted and Frank was pushing me all over the ring. At my request he agreed to train me. He put me through a grueling program. It was tough, but I went on to make the team and fulfill my dream to be a successful boxer. Thanks Frank."
-P.O. Thomas Delvecchio, NYPD Ret.

"I’ve worked out with Frank for years. When a friend and I decided to try professional kickboxing, we contacted Frank. He got us in the best shape of our lives with his conditioning program, sharpened our defensive skills, and added power to our offense. We both won our first bouts with ease."
-Thomas McGovern. Yonkers, N.Y.